Tele-Medicine – Coming Soon

Convenient And Discreet Virtual Consultation Anywhere In The Country
  • One of the largest tele-medicine provider networks nationwide
  • Physicians can e-prescribe and have medications delivered to the patient within 3 hours, anywhere in the country
  • User-friendly access through any smartphone or tablet
  • Wide network of specialists and doctors
  • 24/7 telemedicine coverage
  • Tele-medicine can be used for both routine and lifestyle
  • Coming soon! Expected available early 2021!
Additional protection for hotel and resort guests, and travelers.

In addition to the key highlights already mentioned above, hospitality and travel businesses who offer telemedicine give their guests peace of mind.

  • Brand differentiator
  • Offers guests extra peace of mind by ensuring they feel safe and protected
  • Demonstrates commitment to guests’ health and well being
  • Increases customer satisfaction scores
  • User-friendly access through any smartphone or tablet
  • Pre-programmed tablets for guests who may need them
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